How to join? MEXC 거래소 가입방법

Today, we will learn how to sign up for mexc 거래소 가입방법 eHow to join mexc exchangexchange and how to authenticate kyc. With the full-fledged application of the travel rule, direct transmission from domestic cryptocurrency exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb to some overseas exchanges is blocked, but it is recommended to create overseas exchange accounts in your spare time because you can bypass through your personal wallet. And unlike domestic exchanges, the fact that futures trading is possible is a must-have exchange for those who want to make profits from virtual currency.
In particular, MEXC is famous for hosting various new events and listing promising coins very quickly, and it is also the first exchange to distribute Ethereum’s Merge Event: ETHW + ETHS. Also, it has high accessibility because it officially supports Korean.
I would like to introduce you to the mexc exchange because the large-scale event that we have recently conducted is very good and the fee discount event is very good. While the upbeat fee is 0.05%, MEXC is 0.02% based on the futures trading price and the market price is 0.04% available… You can also pay back 10% of the fee, so the fee is very cheap. This fee discount applies only to new membership registration through the invitation code, so I recommend you to sign up through the invitation code that I will upload below this article.
In addition, new users can receive 100 tethers (worth 140,000 won) as gift experience money, and up to 70MX coins (worth 90000 won per unit) when trading after KYC certification.
After signing up for a new subscription, if you complete KYC alone, you will be given a 100 tether gift experience (if you make a profit by trading futures with the funds, you will be able to withdraw!), and 50 MX coins will be paid if the amount exceeds 10,000 tethers. You can just get 100 times more long shots with the experience money and get the event benefit… Anyway, the conditions are not strict, so please participate. Then let’s look at how to sign up for the MEXC exchange and how to authenticate KYC one by one by one.

How to join mexc exchange
Supplies: Your account email

Membership registration can be made by email or mobile phone, and it can be completed very simply by entering the email address and mobile phone number to be used and receiving the authentication code! Also, please note that if there is a promotion code, it will be reduced to 0.02% of the designated gift fee and 0.04% of the market price gift fee by receiving SVIP grade benefits.
There is a 10% fee payback benefit here, so we recommend you to sign up with a promotion code if possible. The friend invitation event mentioned above is also eligible.
Then you can go back to the subscription screen, enter your email address and password, and enter the authentication code you sent me by email. Copy and paste the authentication code, check the agreement to the terms and conditions, and press the membership button.
Password must be at least 10 digits, contain English, numbers, and at least one special or capital letter. I recommend that you set it as complicated as possible. As soon as you complete your membership, you will receive an email informing you about your membership.
Then, let’s find out how to authenticate KYC.For the menu, press the profile-shaped icon on the home screen and enter the “ID” menu, the second menu above. We recommend you to bring your ID card such as a resident registration card or a driver’s license in advance.
* Materials to be prepared: ID (resident registration card or driver’s license)
* KYC Certification Menu: Profile -> ID Card
This is an essential procedure for using the MEXC exchange because KYC certification can benefit from more withdrawal limits. KYC certification includes basic and advanced certification.
Basic authentication has a 24-hour withdrawal limit of 80BTC, enter personal information * All you need to do is upload the front of your ID card. Advanced certification has a 24-hour withdrawal limit of 200BTC, personal certification information is basic, and you need to add face identification certification, so I recommend you to authenticate with mobile. First, you can do basic certification and proceed with advanced certification step by step by step.
I will explain based on the basic authentication method.
Nationality, type of ID, first name, and ID number (for resident registration cards, you can enter 13 digits of your resident registration number without a hyphen), and after entering your date of birth, you can take a picture of your ID so that you can see the front of your ID and upload it. While KYC basic authentication is in progress, we will proceed with some additional authentication at the security center for a safer account environment. The Security Center menu is located right below the ID menu that has been KYC certified when you press the profile-shaped human upper body emoticon.
Among the various authentications, I want to authenticate my mobile phone and add additional authentication to Google OTP and connect it to Google and Telegram accounts. Let’s take a look at each one. First, in the case of mobile phone authentication, the mobile phone number is bound to the MEXC account to receive the authentication code. And if you use Google OTP, you can secure your deposit and withdrawal a little more and strengthen your security rating.
While further steps were being taken to strengthen the security rating, we received an ID confirmation mail from the MEXC exchange. The basic KYC certification time was about an hour, but since it was conducted on Sunday, it may be a little faster based on business days. The KYC Basic Certification has been completed and you are now able to withdraw your assets.
In the next post, we will summarize how to deposit and withdraw money from the MEXC exchange and how to participate in various events. Thank you for reading it!