Simple housewarming food. Best 3 menu recommendations

It’s already a time when we’re talking about year-end gatherings. It’s not easy for many people to gather unless you make an appointment in advance in a busy modern society. In addition, there were so many housewarming events for newlyweds as the weddings that they couldn’t do due to COVID-19 continued.

For those who prepare food, thinking about housewarming 집들이 음식 can give you a headache, but if you prepare with a happy heart, you will have a good time and enjoy delicious food. We prepared the best 3 housewarming menu to reduce the concerns of those who are about to have a housewarming party.

spring roll

It’s the most popular housewarming menu. It’s Vietnamese spring rolls! I don’t think there’s anything like this if you just prepare the ingredients quickly. It’s refreshing and it’s good for your appetite. In addition, it’s a dish that the person who eats makes and eats it, so you can buy more time to prepare.

You can prepare spring rolls by slicing the ingredients into small pieces. The basic ingredients are set, but you can choose according to your preference.

Make sure to prepare red cabbage, onions, and paprika, which are essential for texture. I prefer vegetables that I can enjoy with my eyes and taste. And if you add perilla leaves, the scent is amazing! If you prepare radish sprouts, crab sticks, and pineapples, it’s perfect.

The core of Vietnamese rolls! Please prepare rice paper. You know that you have to stay with hot water, right? Dip the rice paper in water and remove it, then pack it with a bunch of vegetables you want to eat. If you put it in, you’ll get greedy, so be careful Haha

You may know that Vietnamese spring rolls are good with chili sauce or peanut sauce. Don’t worry about the recipe and buy the sauce they sell at the mart, so don’t worry

Mille-feuille nabe

It’s a housewarming food that looks the best and guarantees the taste! It’s Millefeuille nabe. If you prepare vegetables, broth, meat, and mushrooms, you can make it so simple that it’s good to make it at home from time to time, not at home. It’s a perfect menu for this chilly weather.

You know that cabbage is the life of mille-feuille nabe, right? Of course, soft meat is needed, but the soup is cooler when there is a cabbage.

Of course, if you prepare the mille-feuille nabe broth with kelp stock, you can taste the clean soup.

Stack cabbage, meat for bulgogi or shabu-shabu, and perilla leaves. Then you can cut it into the right size. The key point of Mille-Feuille Nabe is to pile it up! If you don’t like the scent of perilla leaves, you can remove it.

I’ll add bok choy to add a chewy taste. Isn’t Mille-feuille nabe the charm of adding more if you don’t have enough? It kind of has a similar feeling to shabu shabu

Add a lot of prepared pots to complete the delicious mille-feuille nabe. If you boil it with a gas burner or highlight, the hot soup is excellent.

Grilled octopus legs with butter


It’s sad if we don’t eat alcohol at the housewarming party, right? If you’re full with delicious food! It’s time to eat a less full side dish with delicious alcohol.

It’s disappointing to leave out the excellent taste family and Tongjok in the snack street, right? With butter, the magic of transforming into delicious snacks unfolds. How delicious would it be if you put a little bit of minced garlic in here?

Look at the big octopus legs The Eopum Taste Family boasts a very generous amount. We’ve prepared enough to take care of many people’s side dishes and snacks.

The visuals are exploding when you make cuts on the octopus legs and grill them on butter. You can enjoy beer, soju, wine, and makgeolli with one family of excellent taste!