ELLYHI Elementary School Internet Lecture Free Experience has begun

I don’t think it’s been long since I entered the school

My first year is already coming to an end

When I was a freshman, I wanted to adjust to school

I didn’t put much emphasis on learning

Since I’m in the 2nd grade,

It’s time to pay more attention!

As you go up one grade, the difficulty level of learning is

It’s going up so fast

You need to get the foundation firmly established.

I think that’s the importance of winter vacation!

These days, winter vacation is almost two months

If you don’t do anything,

Kids get bored on their own

It is important to make good plans for winter vacation.​

In the meantime, the kids have been studying other places

Because I was resting without attending the academy,

During this winter vacation,

I thought about it more carefully.

Let’s officially start ELLY HI’s online class

Before we start, let’s try it for free

I applied because I thought it would be better.

Pre-primary to 6th grade

Elly High where you can learn

M.V.E., the top student in the middle school class

throughout all grades of elementary, middle and high school

It’s good that you can use it for a long time!

If you sign up for a free Elly High experience,

I was able to get the device delivered by courier!

Every day, there’s a day of learning

You can do additional self-study

I don’t have a lot of main learning

so that the child doesn’t feel burdened

I think I can learn!

If there’s a lot of stuff on top of each other,

He asked me when I would do it before I did it

and complain about it’

First of all, it was quiet because I didn’t learn much today

And I wanted to try other things

He showed a positive reaction!


This time, it was a high arithmetic

It was a form of solving problems within the given time!

You can check what you’ve learned so far

I wanted to review it again

It’s also an opportunity to grab everything!

It’s not about cutting and collecting

I was a bit confused

After studying this part,

I tested it and it worked out pretty well!

That’s why I think continuous learning is very important


And I’m into English these days

He’s really interested in English

So I learned a lot of things

It was definitely more interesting and fun!

This part is very important, too.

If I say, “Let’s study first,”

The kids won’t want to.

There are kids who like to learn,

Most kids don’t like it.

But what if you could have fun learning like playing?

It’s a different story Haha

Watch Big Hero that you like in English!

Since I like animations,

The response to listening to English was positive

I don’t know if it’s because it’s about watching a movie,

I often use the summer solstice after today’s study.


Since the video comes out, I’m concentrating well

The content you have to learn every day is different

I’m learning mostly math and English these days!

He produced the highest number of students in Korea

It’s a place that contains the know-how of an online education company

I was looking forward to it more

It’s really nice that you can learn systematically.

The homeroom teacher will be assigned to one on one

So that the homeroom teacher can set up a learning habit,

It was easy to manage because you helped me design the study.

And of course, a lecturer specializing in the subject

Special purpose, gifted, and even advanced preparatory lectures

We have professional instructors!

There are a variety of study books, so you can buy them separately

You can use it additionally

By subject, area, and level

I have a lot of instructor lineups

It was nice to have a choice!

You can choose a teacher according to your child’s preference

You can do self-directed or personalized learning

You can see the categories from preliminary to sixth grade, right?

You can study in various grades

I think it’s better if you have multiple children like me

Both kids can learn from one tab

It also reduces the financial burden!

and contents that you can use

I like it because it’s wide!

If you think about what our child needs,

There are so many things I need, but through Elly High,

You can learn a variety of things at once

I think you can use it continuously

Children can learn like play

There are a lot of contents, too

It’s also useful to look at tablets Haha

These days, I’m enjoying elementary English

Speaking, listening, writing,

It’s phonics that can be used from the basics

It’s good to have a wide range of grammar!​

Also, elementary mathematics is the most important thing for children in elementary school, and math is not just a simple operation, but 엘리하이 단점 thinking and math are also very important. The most important thing about learning math is to experience and solve various problemsI was able to build up my basic skills, development, and creative thinking skills!

And since I’m experiencing Elly High for free,

I was able to check the areas that were upgraded

I looked for things that will be open soon

It’s so diverse!

There are many English contents that incorporate ORT books

It’s been upgraded this time.

Using the North American study method to read English

It helps you study perfectly.

Using the sentence structure learning method,

It’s about learning the key expressions

English listening master, listening master

It reflects the contents of elementary English textbooks

On average, 10 per day. A total of 17,000 per day

I can’t believe I can learn the main expressions

I’m really looking forward to it!

We also opened a math sudoku that improves your brain

There are 200 questions in 8 trends

Play fun games and solve problems strategically

I was able to challenge the rank and ranking

It’s more fun for kids to use it!

Gugudan is getting more important

With a fun Gugudan song and three levels of Gugudan learning,

I think I can learn multiplication tables more fun.


Other than that, various learnings are open,

The most anticipated winter upgrade content

I’ll write a content and be with Elly High

There is also an event where you write your own winter vacation plans

from November 18th to January 5th

I was able to receive a variety of presents

I think it’d be good to participate!

After starting the free Elly High experience,

It’s nice to be able to see various contents.

Elementary classes for kids like me

If you’re thinking about what to choose,

You can experience and experience the Elly High service

I think it’d be good to decide

Since (G)I-DLE is going to do it,

It’s important to experience it in person.

Elementary school online lecture Elly High After 10 days of free experience,

It’s enough to decide ^^