Naver and Google Technical SEO 5 Essential Tips

Technical SEO delivers website content well to search engines. 구글 로직 To ensure that the search engine understands and exposes the information on the website and web pages. It is a sector of the SEO process that processes. Unlike humans, search engines have poor language processing ability to understand documents and topics. Adding several technologies to compensate for this helps search engines a lot.

Maximum number of characters in Technical SEO

1. 웹 주소(URL, Uniform Resource Locator)

A web address is an address that specifies the location of a web page, image, JavaScript source, CSS file, etc.

* A well-organized and structured URL provides a good environment for search engines to crawl web documents.

* If possible, we recommend easy-to-read, neatly organized URLs rather than complex URLs in parameter form.

Sub-folder method rather than sub-domain method!

* A subfolder refers to a directory of wooden structures formed in the form of a subfolder.


It has advantages in a way favorable to SEO.

The root domain is reliable, so the new page has the same level of reliability.

It provides a better user experience.

Google search bot collection and indexing speed is relatively fast.

2. Website Speed

The loading speed means how long it takes to load the page after inputting the corresponding web page URL.

Speed measurement method: Lighthouse: Source (F12) → Tool → Lighthouse

<<List of Speed Measurement Platforms>>

Includes frames, flash files, JavaScript, RSS feeds, and CSS style sheets

You can check the speed of the complete HTML page.

A time bar is displayed next to each object to know the loading time.

Google Page Speed Insight

You can check the page speed of the website on your mobile and PC, respectively.

It also provides detailed speed improvement measures with a perfect score of 100.

3. Security Protocols

HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is a security protocol for HTTP.

It certifies that users cannot track, modify, or corrupt their data while browsing the website, use security certificates issued by certification authorities, and communicate with their intended website.

<<How to set robot file robots.txt>>


> It should be located in the root folder of all websites as part of the web standard. (Domain address/robots.txt)

Using obots.txt,

* Specify the web page that you want not to collect

User-agent: * Disallow: /

* Specify the location of the site map file, including the web address of the web page that must be indexed


* Search engines can also help you collect websites faster and more efficiently.

Crawl-delay: 1

* Allow the search engine to wait 10 seconds before crawling the site or 10 seconds before crawling back to the site. It’s basically the same, but it’s slightly different depending on the search engine.

How to view a site map URL/sitemap_index.xml

If you specify a site map

* The site map file does not necessarily have to be located in the root directory, and you can specify the location of the site map file in robots.txt.

4. Site map file (how to set site map)

It does not directly affect your search engine ranking score

It provides web page information that may not be found in the normal crawling process of the search engine robot

Setting up a site map has a positive effect on SEO.

<<Three Ways to Create a Site Map>>

(1) (1)

(2) (2) Screaming Flog

(3) (3) Yoast SEO

Submit a Site Map -> Use Google Search Console

5. Mobile AMP

Since Google is pursuing a mobile first strategy, mobile optimization has become a very important ranking factor.

There is a way to check whether it is a mobile-friendly site through a mobile friendliness test or by accessing the website on a smartphone.


Relationship deviates according to loading time

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page)

* Google is actively participating in AMP, an open-source project.

* AMP saves the contents of a web page in advance in a web cache, allowing it to load quickly from search pages.

When applied to a website, it accelerates page loading speed on mobile, reducing exit rates, or placing it at the top of Google’s mobile search results page, so you can expect more traffic.

* Web sites with AMP are relatively likely to be exposed to the top of the search results page in mobile searches.

You can check how much traffic you got through Google Analytics’ AMP page.

If it is a website with AMP, a large portion of the traffic flowing into the mobile device will be through the AMP page.